Terms of Use

  1. British Airways offers this service as a benefit to employees of IATA Agencies. Any abuse of the privilege will lead to its immediate withdrawal.
  2. Employees must be a fulltime, salaried and/or commission employee responsible for promoting travel including air transportation.
  3. Employees must be employed by an Agency holding full IATA accreditation for longer than 12 months and who also hold a British Airways Carrier Identification Plate (CIP)
  4. Employees must hold a valid IATAN identification card at time of ticketing and carry the card with them when travelling.
  5. Travel must originate from any British Airways gateway.
  6. Routing / Rerouting: Travel on these fares permitted via the services of British Airways only.
  7. If AD75/50 tickets or reservations are misused, the Agency will be responsible for remitting to British Airways the full applicable fare due as a consequence of the misuse, and may lose future discount travel facilities.
  8. It is understood that use by anyone other than eligible employees for AD75/50 travel on British Airways is strictly prohibited.
  9. AD75/50 tickets are not permitted on British Airways franchise services under this agreement.
  10. Tickets have a maximum validity of 3 months from the travel commencement date.
  11. AD75/50 tickets are not commissionable.
  12. There is no Waitlisting or Advanced seat assignments facility for AD75/50 travel. Open dated tickets are not permitted.
  13. PTA’s /TOD’s are not allowed on AD75/50 travel.
  14. When a flight becomes heavily booked, passengers using rebated travel may be downgraded or offloaded. “Firm” travel is not guaranteed.
  15. One change is permitted on the inbound portion of the journey at a charge of $25.
  16. Cancellation Penalty: No refund charge applies
  17. AD75/50 tickets are not eligible for BA miles or Executive Club points.
  18. All AD75/50 travel bookings are subject to flight availability in designated booking classes.
  19. Proof of identity may be requested at check-in. Accounts must ensure that when they are travelling on a discounted ticket they always carry their IATAN identification card.

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